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Paintings inspired by the Jerusalem landscape.

Click on image to view full painting with details.
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My landscapes will have a starting point based on the physical landscape but I paint spontaneously, intuitively, building up layers over time. This process can take months to years. The whole process is about transformation, colour and form changing with time. It is a reflection of the experience of being merged in a moment, while the painting itself is in a transformed state from what was seen and felt. A moment is transformed into yet another moment, like a web that connects everything. It is timeless. Ever present.

How to Purchase
Painting Equipments


If you're like most who buy a painting from me then you had no intention of setting out to 'buy a painting' but somehow stumbled upon something that touched you, and now you are curious about the cost and imagining where it will go.
Once you know which painting you love from the available ones above, take note of the size and cost by clicking on the photo.
Paintings are guaranteed; meaning if you don't love it when you receive it simply return it and just pay for the shipping cost.
We can supply high resolution photographs and video of your painting, if you want, to make sure you are happy before we send it to you. We can also show you how the painting will look in your living room, just send us a picture.
We ship globally using mainly recycled packaging.
30% refundable deposit means we can ship it to your door, full payment on complete satisfaction satisfaction.
Shipping cost varies between $20 to $70 depending on size. You will know the shipping cost before purchasing.
Let us know which painting you are interested in. You can call or email


Over 25 years of satisfied customers
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